BBQ Research: Argentina marries Memphis BBQ – Pulled pork empanadas – recipe

When a grill master from Argentina is seduced by a Southern belle from Memphis, the results are delicious. Your traveling DC photographer encountered a crucial foodie frontier fusion experiment in progress, so as a good Washington photojournalist, documented the action on the spot with the tools at hand (a point and shoot pocket camera and a table lamp).
Maximiliano Gluzman is a globetrotting evangelist for Argentine tango as danced in the late-night clubs of Buenos Aires, so he gets around. And eats around. as a new Southern barbecue enthusiast, he figured the rich, smoky, sweet-sauced pulled pork of Memphis might be a perfect empanada filling. It is. Here, he cooks it mostly from scratch to find out under pressure as his Mid-South Rendezvous tango festival is two days away with picky tangueros promised something good to eat…which is what we seek as well. he shows us how to cook genuine Memphis barbecue pulled pork empanadas.

Copyright 2014 by Marty Katz – DC photographers for editorial documentary still photography

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Riders In The Storm: Snowy Full Military Honors at Arlington National Cemetery

dc photography

Washington shut down last week as meteorologists swore super blizzard; non-essentials were off. But your DC photographer was on the job when a family learned at the last minute expected Pentagon videographers and military photographers were sent home, not coming to the elaborate funeral planned for months. At Arlington National Cemetery, the solemn ceremonies take many forms; this was with a mile-long march from chapel to graveside with horse-drawn caisson, missing-rider-formation mounted cavalry, full marching band, twenty-one-gun salute and taps blown by bugler on a snowy hill.

Thirty-five degree chill was worsened by gusts up to forty knots of wind-driven snow and rain, but the long march proceeded through the wet grey wind worsening nearing the gravesite.

Though we shot indoors with Canon 5DMkII DSLR at high ISO, alternating video and stills, out in the elements we needed a superzoom compact for very long shots across snowy fields of tombstones, and, as the winds howled, which knocked out the superzoom, we needed waterproof.

Luckily, things lined up for us to have a not-yet-out weatherized camera, Panasonic DMC-TS5.

The day before, during an interview about medical applications of another camera, we mentioned to the Panasonic rep we were gearing up for heavy-duty storm coverage. He immediately said first samples of a new ruggedized weatherproof compact just arrived and about to go to reviewers, and graciously overnighted one.

At 4AM, the first emails for storm coverage woke me up, but there was also a UPS ship notification for a planned 10:30 delivery with signature required. Realizing I’d be on storm duty and deliveries probably cancelled, I was able to sign up for a new (to me) UPS “My Choice” service allowing re-routing to terminal will-call.

I picked it up at 8AM and started charging the battery by onboard cigarette-lighter inverter en route to storm control trailers at the giant temporary crew base at BWI for 500 out-of-state utility crews. After shooting their preparations (still no big storm), I stopped for breakfast in the massive mess tent, powered up the TS5, read the manual, set features and options and tried it out on the waiting bored-but-colorful linemen.

Just then, cellphone rang with a frantic family member of the deceased–could I get to Fort Myer in an hour to help?

Had I not been on the phone with Panasonic the day before, heard about the waterproof camera, awakened by emails, re-routed delivery, snagged it, set it up, finished the day’s assignment and was just within an hour’s drive with a waterproof camera, the family wouldn’t have had the 250 stills and eleven video clips they needed so badly.

It wasn’t just the gravity and ceremony of the time-honored military tradition – the deceased had been the senior Pentagon audio-visual director.

The family was quite sure he directed all of this.

DC event photography: Last-minute documentary photography of Arlington National Cemetery full military honors in the snow.

Sideways snow: DC documentary photography of  full military honors – DMC-TS5

Copyright 2013 by DC photographer Marty Katz

washington dc photographers

Washington news, commercial, portrait, diplomatic and official photography

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DC News Photographers – on-site upload

DC News Photographers - on-site upload

DC news photographer Marty Katz uploads pictures as they are shot on Washington photojournalist assignments, DC commercial photographer projects and from Washington event photography. Copyright 2013 by DC photographer Marty Katz – 202-905-2626 –

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DC photojournalist Capitol Hill photography: Rockefeller portrait for NYTimes

DC photojournalist Capitol Hill photography: Rockefeller portrait

US Capitol photography: Senator Jay Rockefeller announces retirement with implications for Senate control. Photography at the US Capitol with immediate deadline upload. Copyright 2013 by Washington photographer Marty Katz

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DC Portrait: Photography endures – White House visitors

Thanksgiving weekend, DC visitors headed to the White House to for pictures with unusual energy. The political meaning of the divisive election was clear, and the power of photography. Far from being destroyed by digital, photography has flourished, even been unleashed. Kodak and Polaroid each championed its democratization in the last century, but the barriers of entry to a somewhat elite form of expression have fallen even further. Everyone has a camera, and the results are instant, just as George Eastman and Edwin Land dreamed.
Copyright 2012 by DC photographer Marty Katz

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Washington photographer locations for DC event photography –

Washington DC Photographers


Washington photographer Marty Katz shoots DC event photography projects with instant distribution via social media and legacy news photography routes to old media. At this location, we’ve shot VIP photography and historic event photography ranging from Princess Diana for the NYTimes to heads of state as overseas press pool photographers with impossibly tight deadlines, as well as stills photographer for live TV productions. . We’re credentialed and cleared for the relevant Washington event photography and DC meeting photography sites, including the State Department, White House, US Capitol photography and embassy and defense locations.

Copyright 2012 by Washington photographer Marty Katz


Washington photographers for advertising, advocacy, editorial and dc political photography. 

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Baltimore Portrait: Photography of local classic cookie – Washington – Baltimore photographer coverage


Baltimore photographer encounters sweet MD portrait photography subjects who sat quietly for their executive portraiture and gleamed appropriately. These modern versions of the classic Silber’s chocolate-top cookie were not shot in a Baltimore photo studio, but on location at Banksys’s on Falls Road, where they reside temporarily before transitioning to end-user conference and meeting situations.

Copyright 2012 by Baltimore commercial photographer Marty Katz


Baltimore photographers for advertising, editorial and business portrait photography

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Baltimore photojournalist coverage of farmers market incident – MD news photography by iPhone

Baltimore news photogrpaher street crime photography by iPhone

Rottweiler victim at Waverly Farmers Market, uploaded on site. Copyright 2012 by MD photojournalist Marty Katz

Baltimore – 8/25/12 – A Rottweiler tied up at the edge of the Waverly Farmers Market attacked a visitor. A Baltimore city police officer working as market security was immediately on-scene, calling for police and fire and instructing the dog owner to not leave. City police were on scene in three minutes and a fire truck at about seven minutes. Market manager Vernon Rey said “This is what dog owners need to remember before they cuss us out over the no dogs policy.” Vendor Cindy Umbarger pointed out: “The dog was not in the market proper.”  Copyright 2012 by Baltimore photographer Marty Katz. Not for media use or reproduction. May be linked to with credit.

iPhoneography uploaded on-site

Baltimore Photojournalist Marty Katz

Baltimore commercial photography – Baltimore editorial photography

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Washington Embassy Photography by DC Diplomatic Photographer


Washington embassy photography by DC political photographer Marty Katz for the New York Times.
Washington DC diplomatic photography at the State Department, Washington embassy events and the US Capitol

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Washington meeting photography as press pool photographer for overseas media

Washington DC photojournalist coverage - DC meeting photography

Washington photojournalist coverage of historic negotiations in DC meeting photography as press pool photographer for news media.

Washington event photography by DC photojournalist Marty Katz for immediate press pool distribution to international media.
DC meeting photographers – Washington DC event photography

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